Date Night With My Husband and My Daughter

There is a great local place I have taken my daughter to a few times, Tea with Lee.  A week ago, my husband found out they were having a Christmas dinner tonight and so we surprised our oldest by taking her on a date.  She thought we were going by ourselves and when we told her she was coming too, she ran through the house grinning ear to ear.  Her love language is quality time and she lights up whenever we take her on a date!  Tea with Lee is a quaint cafe nestled in the heart Ocala, FL.  A couple runs this restaurant and the wife, Lee, has her teapots and other collectibles out for everyone to enjoy.  My daughter enjoys looking at all of Miss Lee’s special things.  She especially enjoys this musical carousel that lights up and turns.The meal was delicious!
But, of course we saved room for dessert.She wanted to take one last look at the beautiful dessert table before we left.

Afterwards, we ended the night by strolling around our downtown square to see the lights.What a great night with 2 of my favorite people!

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