Be Prepared: Prepare to be a light

As I sit thinking about today’s post, I wonder, is there anything else I need to add to being prepared?  Are our lives in order?  Do we have extra food on hand?  Have we talked with our family?  How are our lists coming along?  There is so much I still need to do, but I know I am more prepared every day.  Not just physically, but mentally as well.  The news is riddled with many stories about the fall of man.  We need to hold firm to the truth, be a light to those around us, be kind, loving, share Christ with everyone. 

This Christmas season gather your family and spend time making gifts for those around you.  We can be a light by giving and serving others this Christmas season. 

Why not make some treats for your neighbors!  They will enjoy the yummy gift and your kids will enjoy blessing others. 

Try putting together a photo calendar for your family.  I have done this every year and my parents look forward to receiving it.  I enjoy seeing our calendar scrapbook on the wall! 

Buy some butcher block paper and have your children decorate it and use it for wrapping paper.  Last year we made angels with the kid’s hands and my oldest colored each sheet.  What a great keepsake! 

Make handmade ornaments.  How much more memorable are these than ones that are bought from the store!

Start your own traditions.  As we start this Advent season and remember Jesus’ birth, follow his example, prepare to be a light.  

Preparation in life is important and these past posts have been a little glimpse into helping you think about preparing for an emergency.  Start thinking about your emergency plan, store up food for your family and to help others, put together a few first aid kits and a grab-and-go kit, and begin by making your 72 hour kits.  Take baby steps and each day you will be more prepared than the day before.  Prepare for your family and prepare to be a light to those around you.  For further help check out Food Storage Made Easy which has many helpful preparation ideas and links.

Linking up to Raising Homemakers.

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