Be Prepared: Remembering the Pilgrims and your 72 hour kit

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, a day to remember the story of the brave and courageous journey of the Pilgrims, a day to remember the price that was paid for our freedom.  102 passengers journeyed over 2 months to reach a new land.  When they arrived, there were no homes, no grocery stores, no hardware stores, the only things they had were the provisions that they brought with them on the Mayflower.  They had to be prepared.  They had to grow their own crops and build their own homes.  That first winter, half of them died and only 3 families remained intact.  If this is what they knew they would have to endure, would they have still come?  Yes, after that first winter, when the Mayflower sailed back in the Spring, no one chose to go back.  That next year they endured starvation and had to ration food to 5 kernels of corn per person per day.  They persevered.

No one wants to think about this happening to us, but they didn’t expect to endure all that they did either.  A great way to start your food supply is to make a 72 hour kit.  Be prepared for the unexpected!  Start with a gallon milk jug for each family member.Cut it open from the top to make an opening that can be taped shut.  Fill with your 72 hour provisions.  We have a grill, but we do not have a mini burner like some will recommend.  Here are the items that I put together.Breakfast: Oatmeal or Dried Cereal
Lunch: Beanie Weenies or Soup and Craisins or Raisins
Dinner: Granola Bar or Beef Jerkey or Spaghetti-Os
Snacks: 3 pieces of gum and 3 mints
Drinks: Water (3 2-liter and either tang, crystal light, hot cocoa packets)
(remember a can opener if it’s not a pop-top lid)

I have only 1 days worth pictured, but I was able to put 3 days worth into the jug.  This is my first kit and I have 5 more jugs waiting to be filled (and more water bottles).  For kids, you might want to change it up, add small milk boxes (like juice boxes) and don’t forget the baby.  Fill the baby’s container with powdered formula packets (if not nursing), baby cereal, jarred food.  This isn’t much, but it is more than 5 kernels per day and we could survive on it for 72 hours.  Of course I’m storing up food in my pantry as well, but this is in case you need to evacuate.  Do you have a 72 hour kit?  What is in yours?

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3 thoughts on “Be Prepared: Remembering the Pilgrims and your 72 hour kit

  1. Thanks for the idea. And I was also wondering if you are aware that there is a Britney Spears video at the bottom of your blog post? It just doesn’t seem to fit!

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