Loveable moments: #106 – #115

Softly the trees are moving, birds chirping, cars drive by, trains whistle in the distance, giggles are heard in the other room and I soak up these things while I work at my desk, thankful that I am not in a cubicle, but in my home able to stop at a moments notice to participate in my children’s lives.  What moments will I catch today?  What loveable moments did I take hold of this past week?  Here are just a few:

106. My baby girl standing for the first time.107. First steps taken while she was holding onto me (obviously couldn’t grab the camera).

108. Ear to ear grinning from my son as anticipates sleeping on the top bunk for the first time.109. Hearing the words, “Can I Help”, as my oldest daughter desires to learn how to cook.110. “I beautiful” followed by a twirling 2-year-old donning her princess skirt.111. Catching my son following the screen saver on the TV, moving right along with it (even squatting when it moves to the lower part of the screen).112. Watching through a window as my husband plays with the kids outside (I enjoyed the moment instead of searching for the camera).

113. Listening to the sweet words from my daughter as she responds to a question, “What do you want for Christmas?” with “Lots and lots of love.”114. The giggles of the kids as they tackle their big sister.115. Being able to capture all 4 kids in the same picture.

This last one really is great for me.  It’s so hard getting them all together.  The oldest ones love to act silly and my baby girl just soaks it all in!

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