Family Day – November 20, 2011

Wow, has it really been 4 days since my last post?  Life happened and since it was a crazy week, I thought you might forgive me for the long delay.  This past week, we finished this semester at Classical Conversations and as a gift, my daughter and I baked 10 loaves of zucchini bread (1 for each family).  That was time-consuming, but our home was filled with the smell of cinnamon which was great and I enjoyed working with my little girl.Yummy waffles and delicious eggs filled our plates this morning.  The waffle recipe came from an e-book, “Sanity Saving Breakfast Ideas: Vol 1” by Lorrie Flem, over at Eternal Encouragement and my eggs were farm fresh with a little cheese and Fox Point seasoning from Penzey’s Spices.  So quick and delicious.  In the spirit of the upcoming Christmas season, the waffles made their appearance on a Christmas platter, Christmas music played in the background (until it was time to listen to our chapter in Proverbs), and our coffee filled our Christmas mugs.  Yes, I know, we haven’t had Thanksgiving, yet.  Just for the day we decided were in the Christmas mood.My son was saying I love you and signing it to me.

Our baby girl has been sick for a few days and so I stayed home with her today.  The 3 oldest kids accompanied their daddy to church this morning.  Isn’t it great that I was able to enjoy the same sermon online that my family listened to at church?  Our hearts have been leaning towards having the family worship together and so this morning our son stayed with my husband in the service.  He had his Busy Bible to look during the sermon and some crayons and paper if needed.  I don’t think our 2-year-old is ready to handle it, but I think he enjoyed being with his sissy and daddy.

Tickling, playing, laughing, hugging are things that filled the rest of our day (and a game of Wii with friends). What another great day with my family!  I always look forward to our special Family Day, but I seek to make every day special for each one in my family.  They are all blessings from my Creator!

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