Be Prepared: First Aid Kits

Do you have a home first aid kit?  What about one for each of your vehicles?  Bandaids and neosporin have always been on hand in my home, but I’ve put off creating a more complete kit.  I’ve thought about purchasing a pre-made one, but most of the time it either has items I don’t need or not enough of the ones we might need.  So, I have recently started putting together my own kits.

First, our home kit is actually in 2 places.  We have a backpack with multiple compartments that we utilize as our grab and go bag and a tackle box that we keep in our bathroom with everyday supplies.  I suppose I could have everything in one place, but for now this will do.Each of our cars has a first aid bag as well.  My husband’s bag has fewer items because it’s usually just him or maybe him and 1 child in the car.  Whenever we go together as a family or take more than 1 child we use our van and that is where the larger kit goes.Our bags are filled with items around our home and, also, purchased supplies from  Maybe some of these items won’t get used, that’s great!  But, just in case, I want to make sure I have supplies on hand to help not only my family, but anyone who needs help.  Even yesterday, my daughter quickly pulled out the kit to help her little sister who got a boo boo on her toe.I found a great website with a list of items to keep in your car.  Food Storage Made Easy has a list as well.  If you want something different,  search online and you will find multiple resources in order to create kits unique for your family.

There are many other items that I still need, but these kits are better than nothing.  So, start somewhere.  Make a list, gather supplies, get going.  Don’t put it off because you never know when you will need it.  Do you have your kits already?  What do you have in them?  I’d love to hear any ideas or tips you might have for putting together first aid kits!

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