Weekend Moments: #95 – #105

This weekend started with a birthday party and ended with a visit from my step dad.  The kids enjoyed both events and were completely worn out!  Here are a few moments I enjoyed (#95 – #105):

95. Swinging on a sunny day.

96. Watching my 2-year-old being a big sister.97. Special moments between sisters.98. A father trying to help his daughter with her tights.99. An unexpected visit from Pop Pop.100. Game night. 101. Accomplishing a task that you set your mind to.102. A little girl looking up to her big sister.103. The many looks of my 2-year-old.

(My 2-year-old was saying “I’m watching you!”)

104. Hugs after spending some time outside playing together.105. Mail – isn’t it nice to find that unexpected letter in the mailbox!

Cherish your moments, savor them, teach your kids to enjoy them.

Linking up to Multitudes on Mondays.

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