Cherished Moments #84 – #94

Time seems to get away from me often.  Last night I didn’t get to list my blessings, so today will have to do.  I know I say this often, but I am blessed.  I think we will all feel blessed if we take hold of our moments and cherish them.  Here are some moments or things I am thankful for.

84. The joy my children bring other people.  We were out for a walk this week and a man stopped mowing his lawn to come and see our kids and talk with us.  We didn’t know who he was, but he saw all of our kids and wanted to say hello.  It was really nice.

85. Reading to my children…in a tent.86. My children’s love of reading.87. Hearing my son say, “That was a really good book.”

88. My oldest daughter’s desire to help me when she sees a need.88. Watching my 2-year-old be a mommy to my 9 month old.

90. Reading my daughter’s schoolwork when her fill in the blank should’ve been penmanship and not stupid (This wouldn’t be as funny if we weren’t having issues with our 2-year-old saying the word.  It was a vocabulary word in my daughter’s schoolwork.  I was just checking the answers when I came across this word and almost spit my coffee out.  I thought she was trying to be funny) (I added penmanship because that was the corrected response).91. My daughter telling me how thankful she is that she is homeschooled and doesn’t have to go to regular school (she meant traditional 🙂 ).

92. The differences between boys and girls.  They are special and wonderfully made!93. The joy my baby has when she goes into her little play area.94. I am so thankful that not only do I get to enjoy my children every day, but they get to enjoy each other.  What are you thankful for this past week?

I’m linking up with Multitudes on Mondays (or should I say Tuesday 🙂 )

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