A Day Without A Plan Becomes a Day Filled With Fun!

Hmmm, what should we do?  That was the question I was asked yesterday and the question I am thinking about today.  So, thus begins the search for a fun activity for the day.

The morning started out with our tradition, a trip to Tas-T-O’s when grampa is visiting.  If you ever have a chance to have their donuts it will be a treat!  Our favorites are sour cream, pumpkin, strawberry, anything with sprinkles, donuts on a stick…mmm…maybe we just can’t decide!  The best part of this trip for the kids was that they were left to pick out their favorites.  They did a great job and picked some yummy treats!

Then, the kids decided to look through some ads in the paper to point out some things they might like.Our 2-year-old apparently needed a little time alone to look at her paper.Then, since the weather has been getting colder, the time has come to get the winter clothes out.  I guess I didn’t realize how difficult is was going to be having 3 kids, 3 different sizes in 1 room.  Since we live in Florida, we have to keep warmer clothes out as well.  So, I was on a mission to incorporate the winter clothes into any available spaces of the room.  It was hard to get this done with everyone in the room, so my dad and husband took the 3 older kids out for lunch.

Our baby girl was put in the bin next to me for safety.First, they passed by a group of kids washing cars as a fundraiser.  My van finally got washed after being neglected for over a month!

Then, they went to Wal-Mart for a few returns.  The kids went down the toy aisle and each got to pick out something.  Afterwards, they decided to go for lunch.  A new Chick-fil-A opened up in our town, so they ended up there and were able to play on the new playground.  They also were surprised to see the pastor from my dad’s church and his family.  What a small world!  What are the chances that they would be at this location and at this time!  The kids enjoyed this and then they were able to play on the playground.Then, they came home for naps.  My dad, oldest daughter and I went to a consignment store and book sale while they slept.

After naps, we went to Druid Hills Methodist Church for their little festival.  This church is just down the street and my oldest enjoyed it last year.  We thought it would be something quick and fun.Finally, for dinner we ate at Horse and Hounds.  This restaurant has a playground in the back that the kids like to play on.  Since it was so cold, we ate inside and they played before and after dinner.  Then it was time to go back home.  What a fun day we had without any planning!

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