Be Prepared: Are you prepared?

As I relax in my garage with my husband, watching my kids play so freely in our yard without a care in the world, I wonder how long this moment will last.(I was sweeping and she wanted to try it, too)

What would we do in an emergency?  There are weather catastrophes, home accidents, financial emergencies, national security emergencies…  Each situation requires a different action and I realize how unprepared we are.  With the civil unrest occurring all over the world, I’ve been focusing more on a national emergency.  Since we live in Florida, we are prepared for weather emergencies.  After having kids, we began to prepare for home emergencies.  Now with the worldwide economic mess and the hatred other countries have for the United States, we have begun to prepare for a national emergency.  That’s great if it never happens, but if it does, we don’t want to be stuck in the dark wondering what to do next.  A great website I came upon a little over a year ago is Food Storage Made Easy.  It is a great website to get you started in planning.  They have videos showing you how to use different products, reviews, tips, anything you can think of, they have put it on their site.  Food Storage Made Easy has lists and spreadsheets for planning, even free checklists you can sign up for.  My husband went on it for the first time last night and even started researching.  Another great source for products is Emergency Essentials.  I receive a catalog each month with new specials.

Planning is key in an emergency.  I’ve decided to start today with organizing my pantry to make room for our supply.  Don’t confuse this with hoarding.  Our goal is to be able to provide for our family and share with those in need.  Remember Joseph, he stored up food for the upcoming famine and was able to provide food to those in need.

Don’t think that you need to use powdered food for everything or that your emergency food has to be freeze-dried.  Make a list of meals that your family likes and modify that slowly, maybe using canned veggies and canned meat.  We’ve been doing this and you can’t tell the difference.  Make meals ahead of time and freeze them.  Don’t forget to have water on hand for foods that require it.

Start slowly, think about it, pray and seek God’s will.  Not only will preparing help you, but it will allow you to be a light to someone else.  Since I feel that being prepared is so important, I’ve decided to start a series “Be Prepared” and I will have a new post each Wednesday.  This is great way for me to be accountable and for you to share any ideas you have on preparedness.

Now here is a little light from my family to yours.

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