Precious Moments #73 – #83

My favorite conversation today with my son.

Son: I want to be a princess.

Me: Honey, God made you a prince and your sisters princesses.

Son: I want to be a prince to rescue the princess.

Me: That’s right, you be the prince.

Son: Can mommies rescue princes?

Me: Of course we can, it’s mommy’s job to rescue her prince.

He said this all so sweetly and so serious.  What a precious moment!  Continuing on with my gifts/moments:

73.  The unexpected (I went to get her from nap and this is what I found her with).74. My 2 year old’s watchful eye, awaiting my response to her mess.75. Watching my 7-year-old delight in her femininity.76. The long-awaited gathering with loved ones after being apart (my mom and stepdad came for a visit and we had not been able to see them for a few months).77. Seeing my children delight in learning (today everyone seemed excited with learning).78. My 2 year old’s free spirit that when asked to trace her hand, she thinks her foot might be better (and she kept giggling).79. 6:30 bedtimes and 10:00 waketimes (she misses a morning nap, but she loves to sleep in).80. The joy of my 7-year-old dressing up her siblings (we’ve decided not to celebrate Halloween, but they thought they would dress up while we played games).81. Watching my 2-year-old dance.82. Playing games with my family.83. My daughter’s understanding as she tells me she’s sad about not going to a Halloween party that we were invited to, but glad that we were obedient to God (after uneasiness and prayer, my husband and I felt God leading us to not celebrate Halloween).Each day is a gift and I am thankful for each moment that I have!

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