Family Time – Fall Festival #2


Waking up to the sound of falling rain, I thought we might have to forgo today’s festival. By 9:30, the rain had let up, so, we decided to pack everyone up and head out for the day.  First stop was a pumpkin patch near our house. Everyone picked out their own pumpkin and even our baby girl got her first pumpkin!Then we were off to the fall festival in Micanopy.  The rain let up and it was overcast which made for a nice day!While we were there, we came across a booth with honey bees.  My dad has recently started bee keeping, so we thought we would share this photo with him.From a distance we heard Irish music playing, so I continued to walk around while my husband took the 3 oldest kids to watch the dancers.  They had such a great time and they left dancing away!They finally caught up with me and we were able to walk together for a little while.The kids started winding down though, someone took her ponytail out and another one had to ride in the stroller.There were still some of us having a good time.We decided it was time to leave.  Of course, a day with no naps makes for a difficult time when you get home.  Which can make you feel like this next photo.All in all, we had a great time spending the day with each other.  It has been fun making our weekends purposeful!  So often we can just let the days go by and then wonder where the weekend went.  Well, even though our weekends have been a little busy, we are cherishing the memories that are being made.  Have you been to any fall festivals lately?

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