A Day at the Farm – Enjoying the Moments #62 – #72

Homeschooling is such a blessing!  Today, I was able to take the kids to a local farm for some hands on learning with a homeschooling group that we are a part of.  I am so glad to have this opportunity to teach my kids and spend this time with them!  If you live in Florida, you should check out Coon HolloThe kids fed cows.Went on a hayride.Swung on a tire swing.Drove a pedal car.Played in the corn.Climbed a very tall haystack.Went on a scavenger hunt through the corn maze with friends.Going through the maze was amazing!  The moms let the kids take the lead and they did a great job leading us through the maze, finding all of the checkpoints and then finding the exit!

We had a fun-filled day!  Since today is my day to say the moments I’m thankful for here are just a few:

62. Fall Festivals.

63. Finding our way through the corn maze.

64. Heartfelt stories from the past (Nana told a great story at Coon Hollo).

65. Hayrides.

66. The accomplishment of climbing a tall haystack.

67. Being chased after by hungry cows and then being “slimed” by their tongues as they went after their food.

68. My 3 year old’s excitement as he drove the pedal car (he couldn’t reach the pedals last year).

69. My 7 year old’s squeal as she was swinging high on the tire swing.

70. My 2 year old’s giggles as she snuck back into the corn barrel and then her delight in picking a few to put in her pocket.

71. Watching my kids enjoy themselves on the farm.

72. My husband’s excitement over his time with our baby girl and her new sound…dada.

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