Family Time – Fall Festivals

Life happened this week, so my blog was a little slow.  Our baby developed croup on Thursday and finally started feeling better yesterday.  My camera and I have still been busy capturing our moments, so this post is just a little peek into our last few days.  Enjoy!

My 2-year-old asked for a ponytail, then asked for more, told me where she’d like them and then said beautiful!My precious kids!

Saturday at a local festival – 1890’s McIntosh Festival.

After the festival, we decided to have a picnic in our garage for dinner.Today was family day which we celebrated at home so we wouldn’t spread our germs.  My husband set up the computer for us to worship and watch the sermon at home.For the little ones, we have a great quiet bible called the Busy Bible.  I purchased this one at the Learning Parent’s website.  They have some great resources!Our 2-year-old was rocking Moses to sleep and singing to him.Things were going well until she wanted the book all to herself.

I am so thankful for the internet!  What a blessing it was to still be able to “attend” church while our kids are sick!

This weekend seems like a whirlwind.  It came and went so fast, but moments were captured along the way.  I hope you enjoyed taking a little peek into my family’s weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!

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