Thankful Moments #51-#61

This week we had a change of course as we came home from a vacation to a really wet garage.  School was put on hold, Classical Conversations was missed, everything was in disarray.  Through all of this we began saying what we were thankful for and just enjoying each other.  We played, dreamed, helped and enjoyed one another.  The garage was cleaned and we had a great time doing it!  Here are some moments I am thankful for this past week, but first I want to share this video of my 2-year-old singing her rendition of Holy, Holy, Holy:

Holy, Holy, Holy from Life’s Simple Stories on Vimeo.

51. Having our needs provided for: food, clothing, shelter.

52. Turning a chore into a fun time (washing toys).

53. A clean garage (that can finally be used as a playroom).

54. Playing Hopscotch.

55. Sunday special breakfast.

56. Snuggling.

57. Reading together.

58. Our freedom to worship.

59. Watching my little girl listen intently to the sermon and even jotting down notes.

59. Historic train rides.

60. Family playtime out in the surf and sand.

61. Listening to my children sing hymns of praise throughout the day!

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