Doorposts Contest and Giveaway

A few years ago, I came across a company, Doorposts, at a local homeschool event.  Doorposts sells scripture based tools to help parents and children grow in their relationship with Christ.  Many of their products are in our home and we are using Hidden Treasures now during our special breakfasts on Sunday mornings.  Since they have been such a blessing to us, I want to share with you the contest/giveaway that they are currently having. Here are the details for the contest from their site:

Starting today, Doorposts is hosting a contest! We want to share ideas and encourage more families to make Scripture prominent in their homes. We hope you’ll join us by submitting one or more photos showing how you’ve decorated with Scripture. (Read the contest details here!).

Contest prizes include $500 in gift certificates to Exodus Books, Wise Decor, and Doorposts. Winners will be announced on December 6, 2011.

The giveaway is in addition to the above contest and is going on right now; the 5 winners will be randomly chosen on Thursday, October 20th.  You can visit their blog for more details on how to enter the giveaway and here are the 5 prizes:

If you use Doorposts, I welcome you to leave me a comment about your experience with their products.

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