Many Moments #34-50

As you might have realized, I took a few days off as I am spending precious moments with my family.  It’s amazing that when you begin to wake up, you become aware of everything happening around you.  Those moments don’t just pass by, you get to be a part of them, you get to enjoy them.  So, here are my moments, my gifts, my blessings:

34. Peaceful Sleep.35. A little girl’s dance with her Grampa and Daddy with a soft whisper to her Daddy that this is a dream come true!36. Cool breezes.37. A little boy’s dream of trains coming true in his first train ride.38. Sisters and brothers enjoying each other.39. The beginning of her first crawl.40. The turtle stare down.41. Creative ways to help little ones feed fish.42. Fun family tourist photos.43. Randomness with Grampa.44. Running free.45. Stepping out of your comfort zone (my husband is NOT a fan of snakes).46. Bike riding.47. Talking with old friends.

48. Listening to my children’s version of Holy, Holy, Holy.

49. Walking (you don’t appreciate it until you sprain an ankle).

50. Your 2-year-old saying “This is awesome” after a fun family day!

What are some of your blessings or moments this week?  One tip in recording your moments is to keep your camera in a spot where you can always grab it on a moment’s notice (thank you dad for that tip).

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