Let Me Hold You A Little Longer

So often we think, if I could only have some time alone, if only someone would watch the kids, if only I could spend time with grown ups!  For me, when I do get that time alone, I’m thinking about my family and wanting to be with them.  When someone is watching the kids, I am missing their laughter, their presence.  When I am with grown ups, I talk about my husband and my children.  When I am out with the kids, people always tell me, cherish this time they grow up so fast.  I have begun to realize how true this is; they change so quickly and the time we miss with them is gone, gone forever, so I tell them, slow down and let me hold you a little longer.

I say this after being away from my children for 3 days.  Thanks to modern technology, I can talk with them on the phone, receive pictures of them and even talk with them through the computer.  But, nothing takes the place of actually being in their presence.  How wonderful it was to see their little faces, feel their hugs, and hear their words.  I am thankful for the time to catch up on some things during those 3 days, but I did miss my little ones.  I wonder, what did I miss?  What are the moments that are now gone?

I came across this book last year, “Let Me Hold You Longer” by Karen Kingsbury.  What a great book to remind you not of the firsts in your child’s life, but of their lasts.  The last time you rock them to sleep, the last time you can pick them up, the last time you feed them a bottle…  This book will bring a tear to your eye, it will remind you that life isn’t always about their firsts.  It’s a reminder that their lasts will show up.  Will you be able to recognize them and enjoy the moment?  Will you tell your children when they rush about, “Wait, let me hold you a little longer?”  You can’t be with them every minute of the day, but you can keep your eyes open, you can choose to cherish the moments, you can hold them a little longer!

2 thoughts on “Let Me Hold You A Little Longer

  1. Beautiful reminder 🙂 I purchased this book from a Christian magazine when my son was a year old (he is now 5). I am so glad I did. It brings tears to my eyes every time I read it.

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