Tas-T-O Family Day

Well, this week’s special Sunday breakfast had a little twist since my dad was visiting.  When he is here, it has become a tradition that he will take the 3 oldest kids to the local donut shop (Tas-T-O Donuts) to pick out some yummy treats.  So, while they were out, I cooked up some eggs to go along with our treat.Mmm, donuts, eggs, Kona coffee and milk – delicious!I think this is my son’s new camera face 🙂  He doesn’t usually wear a bib, but we hadn’t been to church yet and he had just spilled his OJ.
Not yet, little girl!  She sure was eyeing it though!
After our breakfast, it was time for church.  My 7-year-old loves bringing her little siblings to their classes (she is in the white sandals letting them know her brother had arrived).After church, the kiddos are always sleepy.

Okay, my 2-year-old was just copying the others, but she did go for a nap soon after.  After nap time, my 3 oldest kids left with my dad to go stay at his house for a few days.  While they were gone, my husband and I took our baby out for a walk in the nice, cool weather.  Sundays, are always special for us as we worship God together and share His day as a family!  I encourage you to make Sundays special.  My kids have enjoyed this new tradition and even when I feel like just having cereal and not planning ahead, God reminds me of the joy it brings Him and my family.

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