Sweet Saturday Moments

Saturday morning, I woke up and decided to go for a run.  My husband mentioned that we might have cooler weather and he was right!  What a beautiful morning!  I love my time to run because I get to delight in God’s creation and worship Him (thanks to my husband lending me his iPhone).  This morning was breathtaking.  The weather was cool, there was a gentle breeze and as I ran, the sun was rising and shining through the beautiful oak canopies that grace our neighborhood.  After my run, we decided to bring the kids to our local farmer’s market.  They were thrilled to be going.  Little did they know that their Grampa was going to surprise them and meet us there.  What a beautiful moment as my 7-year-old and 3-year-old were side by side, patiently waiting for us to get their little sisters out of the car, when all of a sudden, Grampa comes up behind them and gathers them in his arms.  They were speechless and overjoyed!  Then we went through the market and purchased many yummy treats.  There were many moments that I savored that day, but one that stands out was when I was getting ready to purchase a loaf of bread and as I picked up my wallet my 7-year-old said, “No, mommy, let me get it for you.”  I of course said thank you and then suggested she save her money.  She then replied, “I have enough and I want to, let me.”  Something inside of me said to stop and savor this moment of her giving to me.  How special that was!

Savoring Life’s Moments (#21-33):

21. My daughter’s unselfish gift.22. Listening to one of my favorite songs: Sweetly Broken, by Jeremy Riddle

23. Anticipation of someone special.24. A child’s free spirit.25. Ice Cream.26. Family time. 27. Firsts (this is her first farmer’s market).28. The tickle monster – aka Grampa29. Raising my little homemakers (she saw me doing laundry, rushed over, and said, “I help you.”)30. Goofy moments.31. Quiet, patient baby in the restaurant.32. Looking forward to apple streusel french toast at Cracker Barrel.33. Losing control of oneself and just letting go.

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