Savor Life’s Moments

Refresh was the name of a women’s event at my church last night and it was all about savoring the moments in our lives.  A few hours before the event, my day started coming to an end and I had convinced myself that my time would be better spent at home.  Even though I had already committed to going, I had decided it just wasn’t for me.  With the persistence of my husband and 7-year-old, I reluctantly went.  Thank you both for urging me to go because it was just what I needed to be reminded to savor life’s moments.

The theme was based on Ann Voskamp’s book, “One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are.” (I am determined to read this book now) Today’s post was already done, but I decided to share some of my moments and I will do so every Monday.  I am determined to savor the moments around me, to not blink, to stay awake because life passes by so quickly.  It is a gift from God; we only get one chance to savor it.

My list is of moments/people/gifts I’m grateful for today (as I journal, it will be more, but I’m grateful for sleep and I’ll be enjoying that soon):

1. God’s grace.
2. For my husband of 12 years.
3. 4 special children.
4. Random Hugs and kisses from my children.
5. Baby hands that softly reach for my face.
6. Staying at home for moments like these:
7. Homeschooling.8. Fingerpainting.
9. Smiles.10. Cheesy Cheetos Fingers.11. Family Walks.13. Out of tune songs of praise.14. Squeals of delight.15. Dancing.16. The ability to keep in touch, daily, with loved ones.17. 2 year olds that watch a show about Presidents, look at their parents, point at the magnetic wall in the house and say, “John Quincy Adams up there.”  Shocked, we picked her up and asked her to show us and she picked out Franklin Pierce.  Well, she knew he was up there just not which one…Did I mention she is 2?
18. Joy.19. Strange little green creatures designed by God.

20. Love

As wives and mothers, we can be consumed with everything around us.  We run ourselves ragged and I’m suggesting for you to slow down, enjoy each moment in life.  Journal each day’s moments and thank God for them.

Follow me on Mondays (when I’ll actually continue this post) as I continue to savor the moments of life.

Have any of you read this book?  What are you grateful for?  Are you ready to start journaling?  Savor each moment, they will be gone before the blink of an eye.

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