More Barrettes, Please!

After this weekend’s unintended haircut, I decided to trim my daughter’s hair all around.  After the trim, I asked if she’d like a barrette and her response was actually, yes.  But, then she kept requesting more.  So, I decided to go along with her and see how many she would want and if she would eventually say all done.  Surprisingly, she did know when she was done, and then she said over and over (while looking in the mirror), ‘beautiful.’She is beautiful isn’t she!  I was amazed with how long they all stayed in since she has a tendency to remove just 1 barrette a few minutes after it’s in her hair.Later, I gave this beautiful girl the camera so she could be the photographer and this is how we looked in her eyes today.

Her face lit up as she went around photographing us!  Eventually, the barrettes came out and the camera was put down, but it was great seeing the her have fun.  So, if you have never allowed your kids to take pictures with your camera, try it sometime and you will enjoy looking back at the photos someday!

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