Family Day

Once again, our camera is acting up, so please excuse the blurry photos.  This morning started out with our reading out of Proverbs 7, a crustless spinach quiche and pumpkin bread.  Well, the pumpkin bread came after we unanimously decided the blueberry bread didn’t turn out so good.  Oh, well, at least the pumpkin was a hit!After breakfast, our kids decided to color before church.  Wake up time is usually 6:30am and church doesn’t start till 9:30am, so it sometimes can get a little chaotic during those 3 hours.  But, today, they chose to color.

I later found out, that our 2-year-old had too much time on her hands during those 3 hours and had managed to practice her hair cutting skills.  Thankfully, it’s not that noticeable.Then we were off to church.  When we got home, it was leftovers for lunch.  But, while we were waiting for the microwave to heat up the food, I heard my 3-year-old asking for help in the bathroom.  He has chosen to pull himself up on the counter to wash his hands and he couldn’t figure out how to get down (he’s not all the way on the counter, his upper body is just on the counter and his feet are dangling).  Well, I went in to help and this was what I found instead.I guess she has too much time on her hands!  If you can’t see it, she has sunscreen smeared on her cheeks, arms and hands.  At least it was just California Baby sunscreen.  Our 7-year-old did this with diaper cream when she was 2 and that is no fun to get off!  Once she was all cleaned up, it was lunchtime and then they played before nap.Sweet picture isn’t it?  If I would’ve taken a photo just a few minutes before, it would have shown our 2-year-old pushing our 3-year-old out of the way.Here is our 7-year-old.  Isn’t she playing nicely?  They were all having fun…most of the time…playing together in their little nook.

Well, so far that’s our Sunday!  3 out of 4 kids are napping, daddy is doing schoolwork and mommy is blogging with the help of her 7-year-old.  How are you spending your Sunday?

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