Ain’t No (Laundry) Mountain High Enough

A few posts ago, I mentioned leaving the laundry to embrace the moment.  Well, that was fine and dandy, but the laundry needed to eventually be folded.  I came to this realization when my son was using it to climb on and fall off.When the mountain came tumbling down, I knew it was time to fold.  With all of those clothes ahead of me, I was a little apprehensive.  I knew it would take a while and I still had not started school.  My choices were, to leave it and just have everyone come and search for their clothes every day (tempting) or to conquer the pile and just make a note to not let it not get that bad again (this would be very time-consuming).  Then, a lightbulb went off, God has blessed me with little helpers, why don’t I do the good motherly thing and teach them how to fold and put away their laundry.  This last options seemed the best.  I’d be accomplishing 2 things, the monstrous laundry mountain would be conquered and my children would learn a new chore.  So, I laid out each person’s tote (each kid has their own tote for laundry), sorted and tossed clothes into appropriate totes, and then, called them in for their first lesson.They really enjoyed it and I wondered to myself, why hadn’t I done this sooner!  After folding, it was time to carry the totes to the rooms for our putting away lesson.  This last part would be tricky since they are 2 and 3.  I knew my 7-year-old could handle this, but I wasn’t so sure about the little ones.They did great!  Only 1 tote was dumped, but mommy came to the rescue, refolded and then showed him where to put his clothes.  My 7-year-old missed everything, but did come to the room to put away her things.To conclude this story, I have come to a few conclusions:

1. Don’t let the laundry pile become a mountain.

2. Utilize your little helpers, God did give them to you.

3. They love to help and just need to be given the chance.

Sometimes we think it’s easier to do it ourselves, but we’re really missing out if we don’t change our way of thinking.  Yes, there might be more of a mess, it might not get done exactly the way we would do it, but we not only teach them a skill, but we get to spend time with them.  Are you ready to utilize your little helpers?  Our kids love to be right next to us and even though it’s a chore, you can see the joy in their faces when they are finished!

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