Courtship vs. Dating

When our oldest daughter was born, my husband and I started the discussion about dating and courtship.  We knew we wanted to teach our children something different from dating, but courtship was a new word to us and we didn’t know much about it.  So, we sought out material to help guide us down this path.  Today, I came across a blog post from Doorposts concerning a Godly Romance.  I enjoyed what they had to say and wanted to share their link.
If you’ve wondered how to go about teaching courtship, please read their post.  Another good resource is Family Ministries.  We have really enjoyed their parenting and courtship resources.  Wikipedia gave a great explanation of the term courtship and when dating came about, too.  Isn’t it interesting that dating wasn’t made popular till the 1900s?  So, why not teach something that has been around since the beginning of time (courtship) and not something that someone came up with in the past 100 years (dating)?  God designed courtship, so why not follow His path.  I know we will.

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