Family Day

Usually, we spend the morning at church, but since all the kids are sick, we chose to stay at home and keep the sickness contained.  So, I thought I would share a little of our day.

We’ve started the tradition of making Sundays special since it is God’s day.  I got this idea from Doorposts ( I love their products! ).  We use our nice dishes and crystal; breakfast is made (something besides cereal); and then we read from the Bible (right now we’re reading from Proverbs – using Hidden Treasures from Doorposts and listening to Uncle Rick Reads the Book of Proverbs from the Learning Parent.

Then, we usually are off to church, but today, we worshiped at home.  Our church has their sermons online which made it very nice.  Our oldest daughter is the only kid who lasted the whole time.Notice our little girl in the corner.  That says it all!  Our baby didn’t make it into the photo because she’s behind her daddy.  Then, after the sermon, the kids played for a bit.Sang some hymns:

And sang some more hymns.Our baby girl just enjoyed all of the action.Then after naps, it was car washing time (and boy did it need it).Everyone had fun!

Then, it was time for the funeral… When daddy’s car was moved for the car wash, a little dead bird was found by the tire.  Poor bird.  The kids were happy for it, though.  They said it was flying around up in heaven with Jesus!  How sweet!Daddy was trying to look sad or solemn.  So, that is our day.  We started off with a wonderful breakfast and ended it with a funeral, and had a lot of craziness in between!  How do you spend your Sundays?  Besides Sundays, do you have any other weekly traditions?

4 thoughts on “Family Day

    • It has been a great tradition and we look forward to it each week. It’s hard for me to make the breakfasts during the week, so I make sure to make enough and we can have it as a treat throughout the week!

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