Daddy Time

Life has to be hard for daddy’s!  We get to enjoy our kids all day, every day, but the dads have such a short amount of time to share with their children.  Even with the limited amount of time, their role is so important in the lives of our little ones.  How can we make it better for them?  I read a book by Lorrie Flem, “Welcome Home Daddy,” and it started me thinking, how can I make the most out of my husband’s time with the kids?  It used to be all about me: I’ve been here all day, I don’t feel like cooking or I didn’t have the time; clean, when do I have the time to clean; laundry, oh, I’ll get to it…  This book has changed my attitude and has moved me into action.  I’m trying to plan my meals (even have a few freezer meals).  The dishwasher is unloaded at night or before the kids wake up, coffee is ready and breakfast plates and bowls are out.  Laundry is washed and folded usually in the same day.  I’ve even started making Sunday’s special since it’s God’s day (well all days are His, but this one is our Sabbath day).  So, for Sundays, I use the nice dishes, crystal glassware (even for the 2-year-old), cloth napkins and breakfast is planned the night before.  The kids delight in God’s day and how we’ve made it special.  So, how has this process been going?  There are days where things might not get done, but I’m trying.  I’m trying to make our home a welcoming home for daddy.  I want to set the example to my children that their daddy is important and special to me;  That our heavenly Father is important and special to me.  My husband delights in his children and has enjoyed us welcoming him home!How do you welcome your husband home?  Do you do anything special on Sundays?  I’d love to hear your responses.

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