Today I watched too much of the news, read too much about the economy and thought too much about the negative things in life.  Then, I came across today’s post by Granola Mom 4 God.

Granola Mom 4 GodIt is about Joy.  She says Joy is ” A powerful choice.  A word that paints  a picture.  It is full of emotion.”  She goes on to talk about things that bring you joy and then goes on to say that “it has a powerful way of transforming your mind.”  How right she is!  Once I started thinking about my kids, my husband, my God, I began to feel joy.  Life isn’t easy, there are many hardships, but thanks to our heavenly Father, we have hope and we have joy.  Here are some little people He’s blessed me with that bring me joy!

Our little joy!

My little girl doesn’t look as amused as we were, but she did eventually smile!  Silly Grandpa giving his granddaughter a mohawk!

Me with my little people!

I love these kids!  What a blessing they are and what joy they bring!

My 3 biggest kids!

We’ve been trying to smile and laugh whenever we are angry; what a difference it makes!  It is so much work to be angry, but when you start to smile and then laugh, it becomes contagious.  The kids’ entire demeanor changes and they are quick to apologize for their offense or offer forgiveness.  I can’t say it works every time, but it is working.

Even when things around us seem to be falling apart, if we put our trust in Jesus, He can fill us with hope and joy.  What a difference it makes when we make the choice to change our focus!  I started out with such negative feelings and I am ending with my memories of my family and the joy that they bring.  Have you felt this way lately?  What memories bring you joy?  I would love to hear about what brings you joy!  Don’t forget to check out Granola Mom 4 God for more inspiration about joy!

One thought on “Joy

  1. Yes, my beautiful children and grandchildren give me such joy and I thank God for them everyday! My husband and dogs give me such joy, also! But my Lord gives me the most joy and comfort all the time even when I don’t deserve it! I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have God in my life. He Is So Good!!!!!!!!!

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