It’s Dinnertime Already?

What do you do when it’s 4:30 (you eat at 5pm), kids are saying how hungry they are, husband is asking what’s for dinner and you have completely lost track of time?  Think…think… There’s no time to wish you were a better homemaker and how you need to meal plan and freeze meals ahead of time.  In 30 minutes, the house will be a war zone with everyone coming at you crying and moaning over their hunger pains.  You need to spring into action, which is exactly what I did.  I remembered I was a good homemaker one day and had cooked up some ground meat and froze it.  So, there was one item.  Now, I quickly searched the web for a ground meat recipe.  Remembering how soon the kids would forget their hunger if they saw mac-n-cheese, I opted to include that.  So, a few more searches and I came across this recipe for Sour Cream Noodle Bake on the Pioneer Woman’s blog.  I changed the recipe from using ground chuck to 1 lb ground beef and 1 lb ground chicken.  Since I didn’t have egg noodles, I substituted with a box of shells.  I just thawed the meat in the microwave, put it in the pan with tomato sauce and then finished the rest of the recipe.This recipe was so quick and absolutely delicious!  Everyone liked it, well, my son protested the peas in his veggies, so that’s another story.  I should have learned from my prior post No More Peas, Please!  So, he is missing from this photo.Thank you again to the Pioneer Woman for such a great recipe!  Do any of you have delicious and quick recipe favorites for those days that dinner seems to have been forgotten about?

* Linking up to Raising Homemakers.

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