No More Peas, Please!

I apologize for the lengthy post, but I was in shock with tonight’s events.  Today, we visited with Grammy (my mom).  Usually, the day is filled with playing, nap-time, their favorite snack and some more play-time.  The day ends with a nice dinner and then we are on our way home.  Tonight, the ending was a little different.  After we sat down, we prayed and began eating.  My 3-year-old refused to eat because of the peas, so he went into the other room because we have declared the dinner table a no moaning zone.  Then, my 2-year-old ate a few bites fine, but decided to spit her food out.  As I was getting up to get a washcloth, her bowl flew through the air – pasta & peas everywhere.  She then looked like this… (the moaning stopped as he watched his sister making such a mess)She always covers her eyes when she knows she’s done something wrong.  So, after that mess was cleaned up, Grammy thought she might go hungry so she fed her a banana which almost came out as well.  It is so hard to not laugh when she does these crazy things.  She’s giggling and covering her eyes and being so cute!  So, my oldest daughter just sat and shook her head. What can you do when life throws pasta & peas at you?  Laugh…and realize life happens.  I read a great poem in an old Teach Magazine issue (now Eternal Encouragement) and it was a reminder that someday, my children won’t be there to make these messes, there will be no moaning at the table, no spilled milk.  These moments are fleeting and I can make the choice in how I respond – in anger or loving correction.  I have made many mistakes and “messes” in my life, and my Heavenly Father has shown me grace and mercy while drawing me closer to Him.  I want to mirror Christ to my children.  So, in everything I do, I want them to know how much I love them and how much their Creator loves them.  What will I take away today?  Probably, no peas for a while, naps for the 2-year-old are important and to model Christ in everything I do.  What about you, have you experienced messes like this?

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