Organizing the Kids’ Room

Oh, what can be accomplished when you are left alone…well almost alone 🙂

Thanks to a great idea from the anderson crew, I decided to move all of the kiddos into 1 room. This idea might have easily passed if they weren’t already sharing a room at Grampa & Gramma’s. They love it…so far.

Here is my journey. I need a new camera so please don’t be too critical.

This is the beginning of the mess. There used to be a crib in that corner.

Here is the after photo. Waiting on the toddler bed, but this works for now.

1 girl in the toddler bed, 1 girl on the top bunk and 1 boy on the bottom bunk.

I couldn’t separate the space much, but I was able to create my son’s little niche and he has his own dresser in the room as well.  For now this will do.  They are happy and are loving it for now which is great.  Now we have to work on where to put the baby.  Hmm, that will take some more thought.

Thank you again Mrs. Anderson for a great idea!

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8 thoughts on “Organizing the Kids’ Room

  1. All of our girls are in one room. It’s a small 10×11 room. It has a converted crib, toddler bed, and twin bed and a bookshelf and 2 nightstands. They have loved it, but I recently decided to split them back up. It has worked well for over a year, but I just decided it would work better for our set up. Good luck. The room looks great!

  2. For a long time we had all of our kids sharing as our family has grown we now have a girls room and a boys room. They love sharing. I think their room likes very organized.

  3. We had ten children in a four bedroom house for a while. We still have three boys in one room with a set of bunk beds and a sturdy cot. We have done the crib (or larger) mattress on floor idea before. It can also be slid under the bed to make more space.

    The real challenge comes when our kids become teens and young adults. It is much harder to organize their stuff when they are sharing a room with even one sibling, what with more bulky clothes, more books, more personal hobbies. Fortunately, we now have one more bedroom (converted a garage), our oldest married 3 years ago, and our second’s wedding is next month. But it’s still pretty tight. 🙂

    God bless you today!

    • It’s great to hear other stories. My only thought now is, how do you get them to sleep? The past 2 nights, our 2-year-old talks and plays which keeps the 2 older kids awake. She seemed to stop after we told her she’d have to sleep in the other room if she didn’t quiet down…in a pack-n-play. I hope it’s just the excitement of the new room. The kids were a little tired yesterday. They still love sharing a room! Thank you again!

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